Daniel Cunha

Brazilian Javascript Software Engineer

About Me

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I’ve always been wondering how things work, especially tech gadgets and video games. This curiosity led me to consider computer science as a career and now it became my profession and passion.
Currently, I am a developer and one of my goals is to work on projects that have a huge impact on people’s lives outside the tech world. In addition, as technology evolves quickly, being active in the developer community, contributing to open-source initiatives and supporting other developers and companies are essential keys to my professional and personal growth.

My Education

Employment History

My Skills

My skills include software engineering, management and development. One of my specialties is complex migrations of legacy software. Moreover, I'm proficient in Javascript, Java, Object Pascal and NodeJS.


Lately I've been studying the following topics:


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Or you can contact me by email at: danieldevjs1@gmail.com